Sunday, April 20, 2014

Learn how to Speak Cebuano Language 6.1 ( How to Answer Simple Questions in Cebuano)

This blog post is the continuation of our how to answer simple questions in cebuano. We are going to use the word go out.

For example, we will ask if the person went out already. The question will be Did you go out?, in Cebuano it is Nilakaw ka..? Like I said, if we want to know a past action, we will use the prefix Na or ni depending on the word, when asking questions. If your answer is negative, you will say No, I didn't go out., in Cebuano it is Wala ko nilakaw.

Remember, always use the word wala in answering negatively, the past tense questions

Did you go out..? --------------------------- Nilakaw ka..?

I didn't go out.. --------------------------- Wala ko nilakaw..

And for the future tense, we are going to ask Will you go out..?. In Cebuano, it is Molakaw ka..? Take note of the prefix mo. We have to add prefix mo or ma when asking future tense questions. If the answer is negative you will say, I won't go out, in Cebuano it is Dili ko molakaw..

Remember to always use the word dili, in answering negatively, the future tense questions.

Will you go out..? ---------------------- Molakaw ka..?

I won't go out. ---------------------- Dili ko molakaw..

Below is the video tutorial on how to say the phrases properly in Cebuano.

Happy Learning..!!

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