About me Nene Manatad

hello every one I'm Leoncia Manatad, family and friends call me Nene. a filipina  from Cebu, Philippines. I am a single mother currently working as an OFW in Hongkong. My home address is Argawanon, San Remigio, Cebu. As a single parent i need to work hard to give my daughter a good future and support my family.

As a person i am a loner type of person, i don't like big crowds so i just stay with same circle of friends all the time. I am a network marketer and presently connected to http://ascendingprofit.com/leads/?unid=1489374993

Its a good online business specially for us OFWs, in this business i learned a lot... From improving my personality to adding more knowledge about networking...
FRIENDS this is open for all NEWBIES or EXPERT net worker..

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 That's all for now folks...
Best Regards,
Nene Manatad

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  1. hi partner,,, mamasol n ta.... taraaa...!!

    1. NICE blog partner.. gogogo mamasol na ta...

    2. cg... taraaaaa...manginhas n lng ta.. aron daghan jud


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