Friday, April 18, 2014

Statutory Holidays in Hongkong for 2014 (Buhay DH sa Hongkong)

This post is for us OFW's in Hongkong. There are many holidays in Hongkong, but we OFW's,are not entitled to enjoy most of them. Am posting this for my DH here in Hongkong..

Friends these are the STATUTORY HOLIDAYS IN Hongkong:

January 1 --------- First Day of January / New Years Day

January 31 -------- 1st Day of the Lunar New Year

February 1 -------- 2nd Day of the Lunar New Year

February 3 ------- Fourth Day of the Lunar New Year

April 5 ---------- Ching Ming Festival

May 1 ---------- Labor Day

June 2 ---------- Tuen Ng Festival / Dragon Boat Festival

July 1 ---------- HKSAR Establishment Day

September 9-------- The day following Mid-Autumn Festival

October 1 --------- National Day

October 2 --------- Chung Yeung Festival

December 25 ------- Christmas Day

Those are the holidays in Hongkong we DHs are entitled to..

Thanks and Happy Holidays Everyone...

Best Regards,
Nene Manatad

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