Monday, April 29, 2013

Learn to speak Cebuano

Are you interested to learn how to speak Cebuano or Bisaya Dialect? Well, I know Someone, who is so interested to learn Bisaya and keep urging me to post learn Bisaya language in my blog. I did not, because I can always teach that Someone to speak my dialect.. But another friend from FB shows interest, so it made me decide to write this article.

Cebuano is just one of the many Bisaya Dialects in Visayas Region. Since I am from Cebu, Will teach you how to speak Cebuano.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wong Tai Sin Temple: Must-See Attraction in Hong Kong

Why is it people of different races and religions want to visit Wong Tai Sin?

Work and live in Hongkong for more than 4 years, but never been to Wong Tai Sin Temple... Someone is planning to go there because it is a famous Temple in Hongkong... hehehe Am just intigued so I went there yesterday just to know what's interesting in there...

Victoria Peak Garden Hong Kong

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