Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Learn how to Speak Cebuano Lesson 5 (Different ways to say Sorry)

There are different ways to say Sorry, different meanings of the word Sorry, depending on how do you feel when you say the Word... :-)

But we all know that it's hard to say sorry, right..?

Lesson 5 on Learn how to speak Cebuano language is about how to say Sorry.. We will learn two phrases of saying Sorry...

The first phrase is, I'm sorry.... In this phrase you did something wrong, and you are asking for forgiveness.. In Cebuano it is PASAYLOA KO

I'm Sorry... ( asking for forgiveness) --------------------------------- PASAYLOA KO

The second phrase is I am very sorry, here you felt regret of the wrong thing you did... :-) In Cebuano is NAGBASOL KAAYO KO

I am very sorry (feeling regret) ----------------------------------------NAGBASOL KAAYO KO..

And if Saying Sorry, is one way how to let our beloved feel that they important to us... then it's worth saying I'm Sorry, and I am very sorry..

Thanks Everyone... Happy Learning... :-)

Best Regards,
Nene Manatad

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