Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Alma

Home away from home... This is our life here in Hongkong, every special occassions in our lives we are going to celebrate it with our friends. No  family gatherings like what we are used to in the Philippines.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stanley Escapade

Wow its so nice to wake up in the morning knowing, whoaaa its Holiday today! No work! Time for us DHs to go out and roam around Hongkong..

And our destination today is Stanley, Hongkong. We will meet our future

Saturday, October 20, 2012

About the New Vaccine for Dengue

This is the continuation on the report I posted last Sunday about the new found vaccine for dengue, The new vaccine was tested in 4,000 school children in Thailand. Each children got three doses of vaccine shots spread in 6 mos.

After 2 years from testing, the experts found out that the vaccine offered 60% to 90% protection against the three of the four dengue strains. It didn't seem to work against the virus responsible for the most of the cases in the outbreak: The DENV2 virus. Derek Wallace MD says, his team is still trying to figure out why the vaccine didn't protect against DENV2. A larger trial of vaccine in 31,000 children on 10 countries is ongoing. This trial should help answer why the vaccine wont protect against DENV2.

 So no perfect vaccine yet to protect against all strains of dengue. We just need to be very careful and do extra caution to avoid the mosquito carrying dengue around us. Lets just clean our surroundings and get rid of the stagnant waters around us. Use mosquito repellants inside and outside the house..

That's all for now folks and next blog lets talk about some alternatives on what to do in case we get the virus..

 Thanks for reading...

Best Regards,
 Nene Manatad

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Vaccine Offers Some Protection Against Dengue

New Vaccine Offers Some Protection Against Dengue WebMD Health News by Brenda Goodman, MA Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD mosquito Sept. 10, 2012 -- A new study shows that an experimental vaccine appears to offer good protection against three of the four viruses that cause dengue fever. If further studies confirm the findings, researchers say the new vaccine would be the first to fight the painful and sometimes deadly disease, which strikes more than 100 million people around the world each year. Dengue viruses are carried by mosquitoes. They cause a high fever, severe headache, and muscle and joint pain. They also make people bleed more easily than normal. Infected people may bleed from the nose or gums, or they may bruise easily. Young children tend to get more severe cases than adults. Dengue mostly strikes people in tropical areas. So it’s largely been seen as a disease that has plagued developing countries. But in 2009, the illness popped up again in the U.S., infecting 90 people in southern Florida. It was the first time dengue fever had been seen in that state since 1934.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Lesson to Remember By

Memories often times lingers in your heart and mind. Its hard to let go when someone very dear to you is gone without you doing something to save her...

This happened ten years to my niece... I was working in Taiwan at that time when i received a message that my niece was in the hospital because of dengue. The news brought shivers to my body and mind because Ive heard a lot of news how dengue fever killed children specially.. i kept on calling back home telling them to bring my niece to the best hospital with the best doctors, but unfortunately its already too late. The dengue virus attacked my niece third times already and she was on thee serious stage at that time... she had internal hemorrhage and the doctors had nothing to do anymore. And my dear niece was gone at the age of four...
iwant to blame my sister but i know she had suffered so much also..All we have to do is to accept that she is gone and move on..

Now that i also have my own daughter I educate myself through self research about dengue. And i decided to share this with all the moms in the world.. on my next blog i will post about symptoms, and guidelines on how to prevent dengue...

Thanks for reading everyone and thats all for now...

Best Regards,
Nene Manatad

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