Monday, February 25, 2013

"GUGMANG GIATAY" English Translation

Someone send me this song entitled "Gugmang Giatay".. When I read the title, said to myself "hahaha what a song!".. My reaction is because of the word "Giatay", a Bisaya word which literally means chickens sickness or epidemic. Usually we Bisaya used the word as a curse.. But anyway, the meaning of the song is good.. GUGMANG GIATAY for me is SICK LOVE, Hahaha my personal translation for the title.

I want to clarify one word used in the song, Inday. It's a Bisaya word we usually use as an endearment, Inday or Day, we used to girls and Dodong or Dong for the men. Either a Family or someone special, it depends on how you say it... ^_^

So, This is Bisaya Version of the song GUGMANG GIATAY by +David DiMuzio and +Kyle of Ezra band in Davao.. In fairness, it's a good rendition by a foreigner, +David DiMuzio...


Buot ko ikaw masayod, paminawon mo.

Kay kon pananglit, yam iran mo, mga panumpa ug pasalig ko,

Ug kon ugaling kalit kang mobiya, di ko kapugngan walog ning mga luha.

Kay ikaw akong himaya, handumon ko matag karon ug unya,

Ikaw, langit ug yuta, akong pinangga.

Unya miabot ang kangitngit, nga giduyogan sa ulan,


Ug sa kalit lang nahanaw, ang bidlisiw sa adlaw.

Oh, kahayag sa imong panagway, nga naulipon sa gugmang giatay.

Inday, paminawa kabus kong gugma, nga kanimo akong igasa.

Dili ko man mahatag ang tanang bahandi ning kalibutan,

Apan Inday, dungga intawon ning alaut nga naulipon sa gugmang giatay.

This song is about how the man expressed his love to the girl... This is my personal version friends... ^_^


I want you to know, you listen...

Because if ever you snob or ignore my promises ..

And if ever,you suddenly leave, I cant stop my tears from flowing....

Because you are my Glory, I will cherish every now and then..

You are the Heaven and Earth, My Beloved...

Then darkness came accompanied by the rain,

And suddenly sun rays gone.

Oh, how bright is your face that is enslaved by the Sick Love..

Inday, listen to my poor love, that I present or give to you..

I ca'nt give you all the wealth on earth,

But Inday,please hear out this poor man, enslaved by the Sick Love

That's my personal translation for the song, Hope I've help you understand the song better. For those of you who have a Bisaya Girlfriend you can dedicate this song to her.. ^_^

Happy Soundtripping!!! ^_^

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Best Regards,
Nene Manatad

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  1. oh... i can't believed na ganun lang ka short ang english translation niya... pero it was worth searching this... nice one kabayan... i like it..very well translated :D
    Pax :)

    1. Thank you so much, Pax..! Am glad I helped... Thanks.. :-)

    2. Hello guys, I really like the english translation.. hehehe..
      As a butuanon..., my understanding about GUGMANG GIATAY is a DAMNED LOVE... not sick love..,

      I've been singing this song many years..


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