Thursday, April 3, 2014

Learn how to Speak Cebuano Lesson 6 ( How to Answer simple questions in Cebuano)

Lesson 6 of our Learn How to Speak Cebuano Language is about how to answer simple questions in Cebuano, using the correct tenses of the verb...

Wow... hehehe will just try as much as i could to share with you the basics...

For example, the scenario is that I did something wrong to someone, and I want to know if he was angry or still angry of what I did.
So, our question is Are you angry..?, in Cebuano it is Nasuko ka..?

Our root word here is Suko which is Angry in English... If we are referring to a past action and on going action, we add a prefix na.. So prefix na + root word suko will make a past or ongoing action word nasuko.

Back to the Question, Are you angry?, if your answer is negative you will say I'm not angry.. which is Wala ko nasuko.. in Cebuano...

Are you angry..? --------------------- Nasuko ka..?

I'm not angry.. --------------------- Wala ko nasuko..

Another scenario is, you are still planning to do something,it's future tense. And you want to know if he will get angry if you'll do it. The question would be Will you get angry..?, in Cebuanoit is Masuko ka..?

Take note of the prefix we are using. We use prefix ma, for the future tense.

From our question, Will you get angry..? or Masuko ka..?, if your answer is negative you will say I won't get angry.. which is Dili ko masuko.. in Cebuano..

Will you get Angry..? --------------------- Masuko ka..?

I won't get angry.. ----------------------- Dili ko masuko..

Simple isn't it..? :-)

Below is the Audio Tutorial on how ta say the phrases properly in Cebuano...

Happy Learning... :-)

Best Regards,
Nene Manatad

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