Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why am I happy with SWA Ultimate..? It's the Self Transformation that Counts...

Maganda ba ang SWA? (Is SWA Good?) ... KIKITA BA AKO JAN? ( Can I earn with SWA)
These are just some basic questions I've always encountered..
We'll let's answer the first question, Is SWA good? Based on my own experience..

SWA Ultimate for me is the BEST...! :-) Through all the online tutorials, the different people I' ve met, it just helped the great transformation I had now...
From being a shy person, ignorant on online marketing, and lack of self confidence....? Now, I can say am a total opposite from before...! :-)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

SUPREME WEALTH ALLIANCE ULTIMATE - Freedom of Choice ( My Own Story)

SUPREME WEALTH ALLIANCE ULTIMATE a home based online business... You can earn by just doing it on Facebook...WOW... They earned that much...? That caught my attention..
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank my first Direct Upline, +Ada Mae Roiles, " Thank you Partner, for bringing me to SWA Community.. "
Well, I started as Nothing, as in Empty...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Personal Experience in Blogging

Ang hirap namang mag Blog... (It's so hard to Blog...),Wala na po akong maisusulat... ( Don't have anything to write..),Wala ako sa mood magsulat... ( am not in the mood to write...) and so many complains... That's what am always doing... Funny isn't it, but it's true.... I always give so many excuses not to write, but the truth is Blogging develops

Victoria Peak Garden Hong Kong

Finally, the DWEP group headed by Dr. Michael Mano reached the topmost part of THE PEAK, the Victoria Peak Garden. The Victoria Peak Gard...